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Ther dress maker- Fashion Designer- Seamstress- Tailor

Cheril Holloway

At  Apparel Expressions we make it our mission to ensure that all our customers are capable, confident and happy dressing to express themselves.  Our goal is to provide the skills, knowledge, and experience for our customers to achieve their desired look.


I graduated from the Fashion Design program at George Brown College of Applied Arts and  Technology in 1990.

I taught sewing and pattern making for the Parks and Recreation Canada Rexdale Brach.  Sewing has always been my passion. I am the owner of Apparel Expressions now for over 15 years.


Apparel Expressions was established in 2001. The client is our focus: your choice, your desire and your dimensions and with your choice of fabric, colour and design to ensured that no one else will have the same dress.


Bring a picture, sketch or photo of your  desired custom dress, 

dream it up or look through our portfolio of designs. You will not be disappointed.  Be yourself because an oreginal is better than a copy. 

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