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Dress Design & Alterations

At Apparel Expressions, you can dress to express yourself with a perfect fit.  With your choice of fabric, colour, design it is ensured that no one else will have the same dress.  Bring a picture, sketch or photo of your desired custom dress design, dream it up or look through our portfolio of designs...  you won't be disappointed.  We can create the custom dress design of your dreams.   Our qualified fashion designer guarantees our custom dress design service as well as your satisfaction.   At Apparel Expressions, we also offer expert tailoring and alterations for both men and women at competitive prices and have established a reputation based on quality and professionalism.  Styles come and go, and with those changes out go our clothes, Apparel Expressions is a full service fashion designer, tailoring and alterations business that can save your clothes and give them new life.  


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